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Purpose and Scope
Graphite heat sink (3K-SBP), is a new thermal cooling materials with unique grain orientation, even heat conduction along the two directions , lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface , heat shield and components while improve the performance of consumer electronics products. Product thickness of uniform heat while also providing thermal isolation .
Unique combination of thermal and insulation properties of graphite thermal solutions allow thermal conductivity of graphite become an outstanding selection of materials for thermal management solutions. The in-plane thermal conductivity of the graphite sheet with ultra-high thermal conductivity within 1450-1750 W / mK range.
Product Features: surface can be metal, plastic , stickers and other material combinations and design features to meet more and needs.
Low thermal resistance : 40% lower thermal resistance than aluminum , 20% lower than copper.
Light Weight: The weight is 25% lighter than aluminum , 75% lighter than copper High thermal conductivity : graphite heat sink can be attached to any smooth flat and curved surfaces , and can make any kind of cut according to customer needs.
Application:Widely used in PDP, LCD TV, Notebook PC, UMPC, Flat Panel Display, MPU, Projector, Power Supply, LED and other electronic products graphite thermal material. Graphite materials have been widely used in the heat radiating communications industry, medical equipment , SONY / DELL / Samsung notebook , ZTE mobile phones , Samsung PDP, PC 's memory , LED substrates.
Application: LED, heat sink ,  LCD-TV,  notebook  computers, communications equipment , wireless switches , DVD, handheld devices , camcorders / digital cameras, mobile phones.Main features : high thermal conductivity ; thermal conductivity of graphite sheet can be attached to any smooth flat and curved surfaces !
Product Structure
Graphite  T0.025mm   ±0.002mm
Material type and model
Product Type:Natural mineral materials & polyurethane laminating material
Product Type:TY GS25
Dimensions : T:0.025mm*75mm~200mm * 100/200m/branch  
          T:0.025mm piece   Can be customized
Product  construction
Packaging transport
1.Packaging : carton lined with double plastic bubble packaging , 1Roll/100m.
2.Transportation:Transport process in accordance with the standards above the cartons stacked not place heavy objects ; prevent excessive vibration , shock or extrusion, to prevent the sun and rain ; can use cars, trains , ships , aircraft and other vehicles for transportation.
Warehousing environment
Store airtight at room temperature , storage ambient relative humidity less than 55% of clean , dry , ventilated room, should avoid contact with corrosive substances. 
Shelf life product liability
1.Product shelf life of 6 months.
2.Open the package must be used within 72 hours .
Data, and recommendations in this report , provided by the performance of this product is only responsible for the corresponding purpose of non- performance of similar products, due to the performance criteria in different environments and regions can test out different results , the data provided for informational purposes only . The above information is consistent with our knowledge and experience. The Company is not liable or assurances of its influence and behavior , have questions, please call the business to play 





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